How To Take Screenshots Like A Pro With Windows 10

ChromeOS saves all screenshots to the Downloads folder. You can navigate there by clicking on the Launcher icon , then clicking on the Up arrow on the partial menu that appears. Open Files, then choose Downloads on the left-hand side of the screen.

In fact, even different versions of the same device can have different screenshot key commands. Capture the full-screen mode, an active window, or a fixed area with ease. Compared with video to audio converters, the program can help you extract audio from MP4 without losing quality.

How To Force Quit On A Windows 10 Pc Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Hopefully, this article has cleared every issue onhow to screenshot on MSI laptop. Once you have taken the screenshots, go to windows explorer and click on the pictures tab. It’ll direct you to the ‘Pictures’ folder, where you will find a folder named ‘Screenshots.’ Enter that folder, and you will find your screenshots there. Press the Windows key and the print screen key together. If there’s an update for your keyboard driver, follow the installation prompt to have it installed on your PC.

  • Doing so causes the snapshot to appear as an image in OneNote.
  • The /t option makes sure any child processes are closed as well, and the /f option forcefully terminates the process.
  • By doing this, your computer will save a pictured copy of whatever you were doing when you pushed the key.
  • You’ll see the screen dim momentarily and brighten back up, signifying a successful screengrab.

This toolbar allows users to choose capture modes and options to take screenshots. Users can change the default location of saved screenshots from the Options menu in Screenshot app. Besides, this application supports recording Mac screen in full-sized or chosen portion. If you use keyboard shortcuts or Screenshot for your screen capture, a thumbnail of your image will appear in the lower-right corner of your screen for a few seconds. Click on the image to open up macOS’ annotation and editing tools.

Once captured the screenshot, open a blank Word document and press Ctrl + V to paste the screenshot. Otherwise just right click inside the document and select the ‘Paste’ option. You can select any of the above option according to your necessity. Now select the specific area of the screen by dragging the plus sign.

Taking Windows 10 Screenshots Using Windows Apps

This will grant necessary permissions to the extension to save the screenshot on your computer. Press Windows key + Shift + S at any time you’re not using the Snipping Tool to open Sketch & Snip instead. This skips the Snipping Tool menu for setting delay timers and takes you directly to the screengrab menu.


This will ensure you can isolate the issue you are trying to document, and also makes it easier to troubleshoot by the person or group who will receive your recorded steps. Alternatively, there is a more robust way to take screenshots in Windows — use either Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch . Both are meant to give you instant ways to annotate and crop your screen captures. If what you captured is mostly white space, text, graphs, tables, and app windows, the PNG format, which is the default, will lead to a sharper image. Whether you need to save information for later, collaborate with others, or share troubleshooting information, screenshots are a powerful tool that can be worth a thousand words. In this guide, we’ll show you the best ways to take screenshots with Windows built-in tools and through the best third-party tools for the job.