Hair Treatments

Exercise on your head

Wash: 200 birr
Cask: 300 Birr
Style: 150 Birr
Blow Dry: 450 Birr
Blow Dry and Flat Iron: 550 Birr
Wash and Blow Dry: 650 Birr
Wash, Blow Dry and Flat Iron: 750 Birr
Wash, Dry and Style or Curl: 490 Birr
Wash and Style Human Hair (Clip): 650 Birr
Wash and Style Human Hair
( Stitched or Glued): 600 Birr
Cut and Dry: 650 Birr
Cut, Dry, and Style: 800 Birr
Redo Flat Iron: 350 Birr
Redo Wave: 375 Birr
Trim: 200 Birr
Style Cut: 700 Birr

Treatment with steam

Soreti Organic Oils Treatment: 650 Birr
Soreti Organic Mask Treatment: 650 Birr
Shea Butter Treatment: 750 Birr
Personal Hair Treatment: 450 Birr
Personal Relaxer: 750 Birr


Treatment with Massage

Soreti organic oils treatment with Head Massage (30 minutes): 900 Birr
Soreti organic mask treatment with Head Massage (30 minutes): 900 Birr
Shea Butter treatment with Head Massage (30 minutes): 1,000 Birr
Personal hair treatment with Head Massage (30 minutes): 450 Birr


Professional Hair Color

Full Color: 4,000 Birr
Half Color: 2,800 Birr
Highlight: 2,500 Birr
Half Highlight: 1,850 Birr
Front Color: 840 Birr
Retouch: 1,300 Birr
GK Freeze: 350 Birr
Relaxer: 1,050 Birr
Peroxide: 350 Birr
Toner: 1,600 Birr


Personal Hair Color

Personal Full Color: 3,000 Birr
Personal Half Color: 1,800 Birr
Personal Front Color: 700 Birr
Personal Retouch: 900 Birr
Personal Shampoo Color: 150 Birr


Looks by Dina

Dina Demere (Professional Hairstylist/Beauty Consultant)

Dina is a professional hairstylist and beauty consultant with over 11 years of work experience. Dina’s cut and styling work has been highlighted in milan fashion week and hard rock cafe fashion shows in italy. Furthermore, she has a 2 year degree in cosmetology from academia gilmont in rome, italy. She enjoys working with dimensional colors to create styles that turn heads, her unique approach to white, asian and caucasian hair using technics like balayage, shatush and multi-coloring earned her to be one of the best hairstylists in addis.

Hair Style & Cut

Full Look: 1,725 Birr
Blow Dry with Style: 805 Birr
Blow Dry: 575 Birr
Trim: 1,035 Birr

Hair Color

Multi Color Highlight : 6,325 Birr
2 IN 1: 5,175 Birr
Balayage: 5,175 Birr
Full Color: 4,600 Birr
Full Highlight with Foil: 4,025 Birr
Full Highlight with Comb: 2,875 Birr
Retouch: 1,840 Birr
Glow: 1,150 Birr


Hair Extensions

Exercise on your Hair

Sewing Full: 700 Birr
Sewing Half: 480 Birr
Glue Full: 500 Birr
Glue Half: 400 Birr
Remove Human Hair: 300 Birr
Human Hair Clip (Per Clip): 100 Birr
Clip Sewing: 498 Birr


Braids for kids: 450 Birr
Braids for kids with hair extension: 400 Birr
Remove kids braids: 200 Birr


Cornrows: 350 Birr
Cornrows with Hair Extension(Per Wig): 400 Birr
Adult Braids (Kutirtir): 400 Birr
Adult Braids with Hair Extension (per wig) with a thin wig: 499 Birr
Adult Braids with Hair Extension (per wig) with a medium wig: 450 Birr
Adult Braids with Hair Extension (per wig) with a thick wig: 400 Birr
Strow: 600 Birr
Remove Braids with Hair Extension Kutirrtir: 350 Birr
Remove Braids Hair Extension : 300 Birr
Albaso: 2,000 Birr
Albaso with Hair Extension: 3,500 Birr
Albaso Satera: 1,800 Birr
Albaso Satera with Hair Extension: 3,500 Birr
Tiwist Kirosh: 1,050 Birr
Twist with Hair: 450 Birr
Twist with Extension: 600 Birr
Dreadlocks: 2,000 Birr
Dreadlocks Retouch: 850 Birr
Kuatero with Hair Extension: 850 Birr
Shag Extension: 500 Birr
Hair Updo: 700 Birr
Hair Half Updo: 400 Birr
Kenya Wig: 300 Birr
Normal Wig: 300 Birr


Exercise on your feet and hand

Basic Cleaning: 250 Birr
Filling: 150 Birr
Filling Hand & Feet: 250 Birr
Mani: 400 Birr
Pedi: 700 Birr
Combo: 1,000 Birr
Pamper Me Mani: 550 Birr
Pamper Me Pedi: 900 Birr
Pamper Me Combo: 1,250 Birr

Add – Ons

Polish Change: 200 Birr
Polish Hand and Feet: 350 Birr
Gel Polish: 400 Birr
Gel Polish hand & feet: 750 Birr
Gel Polish Off: 150 Birr
Mirror Chrome: 640 Birr
Stone (each): 50 Birr
Crystal stone (each): 50 Birr
Artificial Nails: 500 Birr

Nail Enhancements


Gel with Tip: 700 Birr
Gel with Tip & Gel Polish: 1,000 Birr
Repair with Tip (per nail): 230 Birr
Gel Overlay Natural: 400 Birr
Gel Overlay French: 450 Birr
Gel Sculpting Natural: 700 Birr
Gel Sculpting French: 700 Birr
Repair Sculpting Natural (per nail): 100 Birr
Repair Sculpting French (per nail): 100 Birr
Gel Removal: 300 Birr
Refill: 500 Birr
Nail Design (per nail): 100 Birr

Nail Enhancements


Acrylic with Tip: 800 Birr
Acrylic with Tip & Gel Polish: 1,200 Birr
Repair with Tip (per nail): 100 Birr
Acrylic Overlay Natural: 460 Birr
Acrylic Overlay French: 700 Birr
Acrylic Sculpting: 600 Birr
Repair Sculpting Natural (per nail): 100 Birr
Repair Sculpting French (per nail): 100 Birr
Acrylic Removal: 300 Birr
Refill: 550 Birr


Remove Me

Upper Lip: 248 Birr
Chin: 248 Birr
Full Face: 750 Birr
Eyebrows with Wax: 250 Birr
Eyebrows with Hard Wax: 280 Birr
Underarm: 248 Birr
Underarm with Hard Wax: 328 Birr
Full Arm: 550 Birr
Half Arm: 400 Birr
Full Leg: 980 Birr
Half Leg: 650 Birr
Soreti Signature Bikini Line: 700 Birr

Soreti Signature Brazilian Hard Wax: 1,100 Birr
Soreti Signature Bikini Line for Men: 1,500 Birr
Soreti Signature Brazilian Hard Wax for Men: 2,000 Birr
Brazilian Paper: 950 Birr
Bikini Line Paper: 630 Birr
Half Back: 400 Birr
Lower Back: 480 Birr
Back: 550 Birr
Chest: 530 Birr
Tummy Line: 250 Birr
Full Body: 3,500 Birr


Eyebrows: 250 Birr
Upper Lip: 200 Birr
Chin: 200 Birr
Side Burns: 350 Birr
Full Face: 650 Birr


Moroccan Bath

Soreti Signature

Soreti signature Moroccan bath 1 (with Black Cumin) 2 hours & 30 minutes: 3,700 Birr

Soreti signature Moroccan Bath 2 (with Coffee, Rassol & Organic Oils) 2 hours & 30 minutes: 3,300 Birr

Soreti signature Moroccan Bath 3 (with Oats & Chickpea Flour) 2 hours & 30 minutes: 3,300 Birr

Soreti signature Moroccan Bath 4 (with Mixed Fruits, Milk & Honey) 2 hours & 30 minutes: 3,500 Birr

Classic Moroccan Bath

Classic Moroccan Bath 1 (with Black Cumin) 1 hour and 30 minutes: 2,800 Birr

Classic Moroccan Bath 2 (with Coffee & Organic Oils & Rassol) 1 hour and 30 minutes: 2,200 Birr

Classic Moroccan Bath 3 (with Oats & Chickpea Flour) 1 hour and 30 minutes: 2,200 Birr

Classic Moroccan Bath 4 (with Mixed Fruits, Milk & Honey) 1 hour and 30 minutes: 2,590 Birr


Skin Care


Soreti Signature Full Facial with Gold Mask 90 + Serum: 3,500 Birr
Full Facial with V.C 90 min + Serum: 2,500 Birr
Full Facial (90 minutes): 2,250 Birr
Soreti Signature Mini Facial with V.C Gold Mask (60 minutes): 2,500 Birr
Soreti Signature Mini Facial (60 minutes): 2,300 Birr

Mini Facial (40 minutes)
: 1,680 Birr
Gold Mask: 950 Birr
Retinol Serum: 500 Birr
Dr. Rashel Ampoule Serum: 350 Birr

24 Karat Gold Mask: 950 Birr

Gold Mask benifts include improved skin circulation, reduced apperance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damaged amd age spots, increase radiance, elasticity, firmed skin, lighter complaction, less inflamation and collagen depletion.



Swedish Massage

1 Hour: 1,190 Birr
1 Hour 30 Minutes: 1,400 Birr

A truly traditional massage with regulated pressure, excellent for releasing knots and tensions in the body. Stimulating effleurage and long, strong movements for effectively easing tired aching back and limbs.


1 hour: 1,400 Birr
1 hour and 30 minutes:1,750 Birr

This therapy is similar to Swedish massage, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. Deep tissue massage also reduces stress hormone levels and heart rate while boosting mood and relaxation.


1 Hour: 1,250 Birr
1 Hour 30 Minutes: 1,450 Birr

A harmonious body massage using essential oils is chosen to suit your particular requirement. Deeply relaxing and calming or uplifting and mind-clearing.

Hot Stone Massage

1 hour and 30 Minutes: 1,800 Birr

Combining hot stone protocols with a full body massage provides a very healing and effective experience. The hot stones also expand blood vessels, which encourage blood flow through the Body. The hot stones have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Foot Massage (30 Minutes): 650 Birr
Foot Massage (60 Minutes): 850 Birr
Back Massage (45 Minutes): 900 Birr
Head, Neck & Shoulder (30 Minutes): 600 Birr
Scrub Massage (90 Minutes): 2,550 Birr
Head Massage (30 Minutes): 490 Birr


Journey on the Vichy Shower

Soreti Signature Vichy Shower with Traditional (3 hours): 4,000 Birr

Soreti Signature Vichy Shower (3 hours): 3,700 Birr

Vichy Shower (2 hours and 30 minutes): 2,750 Birr

Soreti Signature Vichy Shower with Moroccan Bath (3 hours): 4,400 Birr

Classic Vichy Shower with Moroccan Bath (2 hours and 30 minutes): 3,500 Birr




Steam 1 person for 1 hours: 700 Birr
Shower: 200 Birr


Jacuzzi 1 Person (45 minutes): 1,000 Birr


Echo Cell Slimming

Ultra Sonic Liposuction Slimming Machine

Slimming Package (10 Sessions): 26,000 Birr
1 session (sp offer): 3,000 Birr


Super Mama

Safe, Effective, Honest Skincare.

Being a super mum is a stressful business. Therefore, we are checking you out of reality and into our spa for some indulgent treatments.

Yummy Tummy (1 hour & 30 minutes): 1,750 Birr

Stretch mark prevention focused on the pregnancy bump including a relaxing back, neck, and Head Massage.

Relax Mama (1 hour): 1,500 Birr
Relax Mama (1 hour & 30 minutes): 1,900 Birr

A relaxing full-body massage relieves stress in the muscles supporting the beautiful bump.

Soreti Spa Daily Package

Package 1

Classic Morocco Bath: 2,300 Birr
Mainicure & Pedicure : 1,000 Birr
Wash, dry & style: 450 Birr
Eyebrow: 250 Birr

Total: 4,000 Birr

10% Discount: 3,600 Birr



Package 2

Swedish Massage: 2,190 Birr
Facial: 2,500 Birr
Mainicure & Pedicure: 1,000 Birr
Wash, dry & style: 450 Birr

Total: 6,140 Birr

10% Discount: 5,526 Birr

Soreti Spa Weekly Package

Package 1

Hair treatment with head massage: 680 Birr
Wash, dry & style: 450 Birr
Polish hand & feet: 350 Birr
Eyebrow: 248 Birr

Total: 1,728 Birr

10% Discount: 1,555.20 Birr


Package 2

Hair treatment: 650 Birr
Underarm: 248 Birr
Eyebrow: 250 Birr
Gel polish hand & feet: 750 Birr
Wash, dry & style: 450 Birr

Total: 2,348 Birr

10% Discount: 2,113.20 Birr

Soreti Spa Monthly Package

Package 1

Hot Stone Massage: 1,800 Birr
Manicure & Pedicure: 1,000 Birr
Wash, Dry & Style: 450 Birr
Half Leg Wax: 650 Birr
Underarm: 248 Birr

Total: 4,148 Birr

10% Discount: 3,733.20 Birr

Package 2

Vichy Shower: 3,700 Birr
Gel Polish Hand & Feet: 650 Birr
Underarm wax: 248 Birr
Wash, dry & style: 450 Birr

Total: 5,048 Birr

10% Discount: 4,543.20 Birr

Package 3

Signature Morocco Bath: 3,300 Birr
Pedicure: 700 Birr
Facial: 2,500 Birr
Acleric: 800 Birr

Total: 7,300 Birr

10% Discount:  6,570 Birr


The Bar


Rift Valley Red Wine
Rift Valley White Wine
Rift Valley Curve
Acacia Rose

Champagne/Sparkling Wine

Jacqueline Brut Rose
Moet Chandon

Bottled Water

The Barista

Black Coffee
Cafe Latte


Herbal Tea
Black Tea



Loyalty Card

Whether you frequent our spa every week or a few times a year, the Soreti Loyalty Card is the best way to get discounts and special offers. Being part of our loyalty program is like being part of an exclusive club; you’ll receive exclusive offers and discounts that only members can take part in.

* All prices are inclusive of VAT.